MonoDevelop add-in repository for Entify

Now it’s easier than ever to install Entify visual designer to MonoDevelop. I have created MonoDevelop add-in repository for the visual designer add-in. This allows developers to install Entify add-in right from the MonoDevelop Add-in manager.

MonoDevelop add-in manager

Installing add-in is easy. Open Add-in manager from the Tools menu of the MonoDevelop. Click Repositories… and then Add. Insert the repository URL and click Ok to save.

Add Entify repository to MonoDevelop

After adding the repostiory you can install the add-in from the Add-in manager.

Entify add-in installation

Check the Entify Visual Designer and follow the instructions. After installing the add-in you should be able to add Entity set to any C# project. See my previous post for instructions. Just skip the step 2 which is the manual installation instructions for the add-in.

Entify visual designer add-in repository URL is

8 thoughts on “MonoDevelop add-in repository for Entify”

  1. Hi Lauri,

    It looks you have made a very interesting program.
    Can’t wait to play with it.

    I have a small problem though:
    I installed it using the MonoDevelop Add-in manager running on Windows 7.
    It installed fine and the Entity template is there and so is the Entity Designer.

    My problem is that I cannot find the ‘Taimila.Entify.dll’.
    It’s not in the Add-in folder of MonoDevelop, actually it doesn’t seem to be on my hard drive.
    I also looked on all the GAC’s on my machine.

    I can probably solve this by downloading the file manually, I just wanted you to know this.

    Thanks again for creating such a nice tool.

  2. Should spend more time working on making Entify work with the latest version of MonoDevelop than working on Junat :P

  3. If anyone is having trouble getting Entify working on the latest MonoDevelop, I’ve just figured out how to compile it from source using MonoDevelop and get it loaded no problem. Just have to fix the Project definitions and the addin.xml file in the project to get things versioned correctly.

  4. I’ve added the ability to add more Entities than just what the size of the window will allow. It will add a scrollbar and increase the area when you move entities out of view. Then you can scroll around the window. Also added when you load one of your entity files, the size is the same as what you saved, and it automatically puts the scrollbars so you can start moving around. If anyone wants those changes email me ‘philippe at zehnder dot ca’ and i’ll give you the code. Not getting responses from the owner of the site or the Entify software.

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