Junat – My first iOS application

As my Aboutpage states, I never get tired with learning new programming languages and technologies. This time I decided to learn how to write iPhone applications. This meant, that I first needed to learn objective-C, memory management with Cocoa and the Cocoa frameworks that Apple provides for developers. This is a lot of stuff to learn in short amount of time, but I think I was able to manage pretty well. Now it’s time to release the first iPhone app I have built.

Junat -application is my first iOS device application ever. It’s also first objective-C application I have written. Application itself is pretty simple. It allows user to search for train timetables in Finland. It does it so, that it looks pretty, feels nice and just works. Junat was designed to be used with only one hand, which makes it perfect for quick lookups. It also allows user to add found connection to her calendar application with just one click. For more, it’s possible to send found information via e-mail to user herself or to some friend whose she is travelling with.

This application will be free of charge when it hits the AppStore.

Currently Junat is in the review process and if I’m lucky, Apple will approve it and it will be available in the AppStore in no time!

3 thoughts on “Junat – My first iOS application”

  1. Junat-sovellus ei pariin viikkoon ole toiminut, ainakaan minun iPhone 4:ssä.
    Se ilmoittaa “Ei tuloksia” vaikka hakee sellaista vuoroa, joka varmasti on olemassa.

    Mistä tämä voisi johtua?

    t. Pekka

  2. Hei, olikohan Junat 2 appi Teidän tekemä. Nyt se ei ole toiminut junamiesten lakon jälkeen. Tuleeko tähän korjaus? Appi oli erittäin hyödyllinen ja mukava käyttää. VR:n omat yritelmän eivät palvele esim. aikataulun käyttämisessä juuri ollenkaan. Olisin hyvin kiitollinen, jos Junat 2 appin saisitte vielä toimimaan.


    Eero Judin

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