XCode color scheme for MonoDevelop

I like the colors Xcode uses for syntax highlighting, so I decided to create a new color scheme for MonoDevelop with the same colors. There are some diffrences how Xcode and MonoDevelop allows you to change the colors, but it’s still quite close to the original.

Download: XCode color scheme

To use it, open MonoDevelop preferences. Navigate to Syntax highlighting and add the downloaded scheme by clikcing the Add button. After that you of course select it. :) If you want MonoDevelop to look even more XCode you can change the editor font to Menlo reqular 11pt.

XCode color scheme for MonoDevelop

  • Amka

    Thanks for scheme!

  • coopf

    It seams that the download no longer works.

    • http://www.taimila.com Lauri Taimila

      For me it still seems to just works fine. Make sure that your browser doesn’t open the xml-file directly. Right-click on the download link and save file as…

  • adamstyl

    Hi Lauri,
    I recently installed Monodevelop and I have some trouble to make XCode color scheme work. Actually no color scheme works so I would like to ask if you also had the same problem as I had with class declarations/references coloring. In the screen you posted classes are normally colored. You may see a screenshot of what I mean here http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/4/monodevcolors.png/
    I have the latest stable ( installed on Windows 7 and XP.

    Thanks in advance.

    • http://www.taimila.com Lauri Taimila

      You’re right. MonoDevelop 2.8 doesn’t support semantic highlighting at all. I believe that support was removed, because it was buggy and not very performance friendly. They are planning to bring back the support in up-coming version with new backend. Actually MonoDevelop 2.9 beta already has that support.

  • adamstyl

    Thanks! That was a really swift answer. Indeed I made a little research myself (didn’t know the feature was named semantic highlighting) and found out it’s not that simple to implement it. It involves ASTs (Abstract Syntax Trees) and stuff that seem to be like dark magic to me. :) I will check 2.9 beta at some point. Anyway, thanks again for the help.

  • http://www.eekay.nl EeKay

    Thanks, love the scheme !