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I really like the Obsidian Menu Bar that Max has created for Lion. It basically just changes the OSX menu bar into black which makes it blend very nicely with the Apple displays. The problem is that it doesn’t change the color of the clock and therefore forces users to install iStats or some other application that offers more customizable clock. Although iStats is a great application, when you only need a clock $16 might feel a bit too much.

I decided to use an hour or so and create a free alternative for those of us who just want the clock. It’s hardly fanzy or optimized any way, but it works and gives a nice white clock on the black menubar just the way I want it.

You can download it from here.

UPDATE: Download 2.0 with font selection support

White clock was briefly mentioned in the MacFormat magazine. :)

MacFormat Magazine

52 thoughts on “White clock for OSX

  1. Love this clock w/ Max’s Obsidian Menubar mod! Thanks so much. Suggestion/request: I don’t know if it’s possible to toggle/drag the position of the clock to be in the same position as the standard clock? It’d be a nice addition to a great little app, but I don’t mind the position that much to warrant not using it :-) Thanks again!

    • Unfortunately, as far as I know, Apple doesn’t provide API for forcing the position of the status items. They appear in the order they were started. You can reorder Apple’s own items since they all run in one process and they are not really status items in the sense as third party items are.

  2. Your app is awesome! Thanks a lot for making it available. It also works perfectly with obsidian. I have a suggestion though. Could you remove the period at the end of the day?

    • Are you using OSX Lion? If so, are you using the black menubar since the clock is white by default it might be hard to see it on white menu bar. There is no application window for the clock. It just appears to the top-left corner of your screen.

  3. The clock appears in my menubar O.o yesterday i tried a lot and nothing happend… So thanks for the Clock and thank you Lauri and Happy New Year.
    (Sorry by my English)

  4. Your work is very good! I wanted to know if it would be to difficult for you to add OS X Snow Leopard support? I don’t have any interest in switching to Lion at the moment because I’m still using some old Rosetta programs, but if you could add Snow Leopard support that would be great! Thanks!


  5. hi i really love the obsidian toolbar
    but i dont like lion is there a way to use the white clock for snow leopard?

  6. The clock will not automatically open when I turn computer on. I don’t see a setting for this. Can anyone help? Its a pain to run the application every time just to see the time!

    • You can setup applications to start on boot from System Preferences. Open System Preferences and select “Users & Groups”. From there you should be able to find “Login items” tab that allows you to set clock to start right after OSX is booted up.

    • It makes sense in Finland. :) Date format is here a bit different and since I wrote this to myself first, it has the period. I’m aware that this is not a global format. Let’s see if I can still find the source and have time to make it optional.

  7. Great app! Thank you very much!

    There are 2 things which would make it a better sleeker and more commercial app.
    1. take the period off the day.
    2. Make it so we can place the timestamp to the most right. Like the OSX time stamp.

    Great app thanks for this!

  8. Will this work with OS X Mountain Lion v.10.8.2? I’m trying to install it but the clock stays the same… Any tips on how to get this working? Thanks!

  9. Works great. Just one nitpick. When I do a full shutdown and restart, I have to run it again, otherwise it is not present. Is there a way to make it start on startup?

    • use the mac’s system preferences – go to users and groups and add this to login items.

      Hope this helped!

  10. Why is it not able to be dragged to a different place on the status bar? Other status bar item can be dragged with a CMD drag yet this is unable to.

    Please add this feature.

  11. Great app, only one remark (same as Borna Salman, see above), White Clock needs to be restarted each time you log out/shut down. Can this be fixed?

  12. I’m with Jelo. If I want to revert back to the stock black, how do I go about doing so? I’ve tried removing the application from the startup menu, but that does not seem to work.

    Thank you in advance.

  13. I cannot get this to work with 10.8.4. I don’t know if I am doing something wrong or if it’s not compatible or what?

    • You should be able to quit it from the menu that comes up when clicking on time in the menubar. If that doesn’t work for some reason you can always force it to quit by selecting “Force quit…” from Apple menu (the same one you use to shutdown the computer).

      After that you should be able to remove it from disk.

  14. It doesn’t show up when I click on the time in the menubar, nor does it show up when I try to force quit. Wonder if I messed up somehow…

  15. To my great dismay 10.9 Mavericks broke MenuBarFilter, a fantastic little app I had been using in ML.

    Due to it not working i found Obsidian, and now on to you.

    As far as I know, it is possible to position custom menu bar items amongst the other default icons with a little trick.

    The trick is to get it working as a Menu Extra, that way it will act like the default Apple ones.  MenuMeters uses this technique, and i can place it wherever i want. <a href=”http://www.ragingmenace.com/software/menumeters/”>http://www.ragingmenace.com/software/menumeters/</a&gt;

    It is open source so the key is somewhere in the code!

    If you could do this, it would be absolutely amazing. But for now, I can’t stand having the clock in the wrong place so it’s back to a white menu bar for me.

    Thanks, xeni

  16. Hi there,

    I found this to be really good, but it just didn’t work well with my setup.

    The trouble is I’m now using the standard white bar again, and when I use some applications like Excel, the menu on the top left goes white and I cannot  read the menus. It seems that this is happening after I’ve tried the white clock yesterday. Would there be a way to completely uninstall white clock?

    Thanks in advance



    • You can simply remove the application from your Applications folder and reboot. Or kill the process from the Activity Monitor. I find it hard to believe that the clock would cause your problems, but it doesn’t cost anything to remove it and see if it fixes the issue. Hopefully this was helpful answer.

  17. Is there anyway to completely remove White Clock? I have tried everything and I am still plagued with a white clock which is difficult to see. The closest that I have come is having the clock flash, which is just plain distracting.

    Any help would be extremely appreciated. Thank you folks…s

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