Junat 2

I finally finished my second iPhone app which is pretty much the same as the first one was. My second application is Junat 2, which continues from where my first app Junat left off. Junat 2 is a complete rewrite of the application and brings a lot of new features that were missing from the original Junat application. I also had to change my strategy and made this application non-free to be able to cover my development costs. I’m hopeful that the users will understand this and are willing to pay the minimum price from my app.

Junat 2 is now in Apple’s approval process and hopefully it will hit the AppStore soon. Oh, if you’re not familiar with the original app let me tell you that Junat 2 is an app that allows you to easily access train table information in Finland. Search for connections, check notifications and follow train live updates.

Here are some screenshots of the application:


White clock for OSX

I really like the Obsidian Menu Bar that Max has created for Lion. It basically just changes the OSX menu bar into black which makes it blend very nicely with the Apple displays. The problem is that it doesn’t change the color of the clock and therefore forces users to install iStats or some other application that offers more customizable clock. Although iStats is a great application, when you only need a clock $16 might feel a bit too much.

I decided to use an hour or so and create a free alternative for those of us who just want the clock. It’s hardly fanzy or optimized any way, but it works and gives a nice white clock on the black menubar just the way I want it.

You can download it from here.

UPDATE: Download 2.0 with font selection support

Mikrobitti features Junat app

Mikrobitti is the largest magazine in Scandinavia concentrating on new technology. They have over 330000 readers. The last issue of the magazine featured my iPhone app Junat. I’m glad to see that they liked it and were willing to recommend it to the readers. Although, I wonder why they used English screenshots when there is also Finnish available. Anyway, thanks to the article, Junat app downloads has already increased.

So far, Junat application has been already installed to over 17 000 devices in Finland. This must be my most popular application so far. :)

XCode color scheme for MonoDevelop

I like the colors Xcode uses for syntax highlighting, so I decided to create a new color scheme for MonoDevelop with the same colors. There are some diffrences how Xcode and MonoDevelop allows you to change the colors, but it’s still quite close to the original.

Download: XCode color scheme

To use it, open MonoDevelop preferences. Navigate to Syntax highlighting and add the downloaded scheme by clikcing the Add button. After that you of course select it. :) If you want MonoDevelop to look even more XCode you can change the editor font to Menlo reqular 11pt.

XCode color scheme for MonoDevelop

Junat 1.2 waiting for approval

I have just submitted Junat 1.2 to AppStore for Apple review. Hopefully it will be available as an update in AppStore during next week. Junat has been received very well and it has been on Finland’s Top 25 list since release. In practice, all feedback has been very positive, but there has been many feature requests as well. This is the second update to fulfill those requests.

New version adds support for iPhone 4 retina display. It also adds a new switch button that allows user to switch between from and to stations quickly. But that’s not all, now Junat application has been translated to five different languages! Next update will add Russian, Spanish and Swedish translatations to the existing English and Finnish translations.

I would like to thank all the translators for their kind help! Thank you Janne Timonen for Russian translation, Jonas Granvik for Swedish translation and Gonzalo Borobio for Spanish translation.

We’ll see where it goes from here ;)

Junat after one week in AppStore

So, it has been one week since my iPhone app Junat was approved to Apple AppStore. Since then it has been downloaded to over 5000 devices here in Finland. As far as I’m considered, this is pretty good considering the narrow market of the app that is useful only in Finland for those who use train.

There are few known bugs in the first version, but I have already submitted a new 1.1 release for Apple to approve. It should hit AppStore this week or at least in the beginning of next week. 1.1 Release fixes all known bugs and adds few new requested features to the app.

Thanks for all the downloaders and especially for those who have written nice reviews to AppStore.

Junat now available in AppStore

My first iPhone app called Junat, is now available in the Apple AppStore. Get it for free and try it out!

I hope you enjoy using Junat!


Launching my first iPhone app in the Apple AppStore has been a great experience so far. I have received only positive reviews  and the app has reached the first position in Top 25 list on it’s release day. Thanks for all the downloaders and special thanks for all the kind people who wrote review to AppStore. I really appriciate it.

Junat – My first iOS application

As my Aboutpage states, I never get tired with learning new programming languages and technologies. This time I decided to learn how to write iPhone applications. This meant, that I first needed to learn objective-C, memory management with Cocoa and the Cocoa frameworks that Apple provides for developers. This is a lot of stuff to learn in short amount of time, but I think I was able to manage pretty well. Now it’s time to release the first iPhone app I have built.

Junat -application is my first iOS device application ever. It’s also first objective-C application I have written. Application itself is pretty simple. It allows user to search for train timetables in Finland. It does it so, that it looks pretty, feels nice and just works. Junat was designed to be used with only one hand, which makes it perfect for quick lookups. It also allows user to add found connection to her calendar application with just one click. For more, it’s possible to send found information via e-mail to user herself or to some friend whose she is travelling with.

This application will be free of charge when it hits the AppStore.

Currently Junat is in the review process and if I’m lucky, Apple will approve it and it will be available in the AppStore in no time!

MonoDevelop add-in repository for Entify

Now it’s easier than ever to install Entify visual designer to MonoDevelop. I have created MonoDevelop add-in repository for the visual designer add-in. This allows developers to install Entify add-in right from the MonoDevelop Add-in manager.

MonoDevelop add-in manager

Installing add-in is easy. Open Add-in manager from the Tools menu of the MonoDevelop. Click Repositories… and then Add. Insert the repository URL and click Ok to save.

Add Entify repository to MonoDevelop

After adding the repostiory you can install the add-in from the Add-in manager.

Entify add-in installation

Check the Entify Visual Designer and follow the instructions. After installing the add-in you should be able to add Entity set to any C# project. See my previous post for instructions. Just skip the step 2 which is the manual installation instructions for the add-in.

Entify visual designer add-in repository URL is http://www.taimila.com/entify/repository/

Entify 0.6 Beta released

Now that I’m back from Japan, it’s time to release the next version of the Entify framework. The new version 0.6 beta is a bugfix release and doesn’t contain new features except that now MonoDevelop add-in works with the latest MonoDevelop 2.4.

Entify works now with MonoDevelop 2.4

What’s new in 0.6 release

  • Visual designer updated to support MonoDevelop 2.4
  • Bugfix to issue 4: Entify did some unneeded lazy loading for entities (performance issue)
  • Bugfix to issue 5: GetEntityId() method was not visible for client application
  • Bugfix to issue 6: To-Many relation lead to crash when no related entities were set for an entity
  • Bugfix to issue 7: Entify didn’t show up in MonoDevelop for MonoTouch projects
  • Bugfix to issue 9: Invalid relation name could lead to malfunctioning generated code

In the next version of Entify, I’ll concentrate fixing visual designer stability issues under OSX. This is crusial for MonoTouch developers. So, don’t expect any new features in the next release either. Version 0.8 will contain new features when we get there!

I recommend everyone to update to the latest version. There shouldn’t be any compatibility issues between versions 0.5 and 0.6 except with MonoDevelop. MonoDevelop API has changed and therefore the new visual desinger add-in won’t work with older versions of MonoDevelop. This is not a big problem, since you should use the latest version of MonoDevelop anyway.

Get Entify 0.6 beta from Entify website