Estetiikka v1.0

This is the very first release of the Estetiikka gallery. I have been testing it with my friends for several months now and I think it's stable enough to be released. Both packages include all current translations and default theme. For more themes check out themes page.

Download tar.gz-package for Linux
Download zip-package for Windows

Installation instructions

Estetiikka is a web-application, hence you will need a web-server to run it. You can install for example Apache for your own computer or you can buy a webhotel service from various providers. Estetiikka is implemented with PHP version 5 and it uses MySQL-database to store the data. Thus you'll need to have a computer that runs both, web-server and database. This guide will not discuss who to set up and configure web-server and database. If you need to install those by yourself, please follow one of the several tutorials that can be found via google.

Step 1 - Download and extract

Download correct package to your system above and extract it to some temporary directory. After that you can move the estetiikka directory where ever you plan to place it. Usually this means that you have to upload it via FTP to your server.

Step 2 - Initialize database

Naviagate to estetiikka/config/ -directory and you'll notice that there is a file named estetiikka.sql. This is file that initializes database for estetiikka. First you need to create a new database to your MySQL server. After that execute the command below at the same directory where estetiikka.sql is located. Replace USER with real username and DATABASE with the name of the new database that you just created.

mysql -u USER -p \DATABASE < estetiikka.sql

Step 3 - Configure Estetiikka to use the database

Open config.cfg (located in esteitiikka/config directory) with your favourite text-editor. Now, there are many options, but you only need to change the database related lines, which are shown below.

# Database settings

Just replace estetiikka_user with your real database username and of course change the password for that user. Also if you are using database named other then estetiikka, then change that on last line. No you are ready to save changes.

Step 4 - Log in as default user

Now you can log in to your Estetiikka gallery. Just open your web-browser and enter the URL for your gallery. Now you should see Log in -screen with username and password fields. Enter username "Administrator" and password "admin". Those are the default values. After you have logged in, I strongly recommend you to open your profile and change the password as soon as possible!

Step 5 - Enjoy!

Now you can start to create a new user accounts to your friends and relatives. Invite them to have fun with sharing photographs and comments.

Security tips

There are many security threats when executing application on public server. First you should make sure that no one can access your config.cfg file that is located in config -directory. You cat use .htaccess file to achive this.

You should also prevent unauthorized users to access your photograph and thumbnails directories!

Better tips and guides will be added later!