Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why dates on thumbnails are ugly and doesn't look the same as in your screenshots?
A: That's because your web-server's PHP doesn't support imagettftext() function. When Estetiika detects that this function is not available, it uses imagestring(), which can't create as good looking results as the other one, but it works.

Q: Which image formats are supported by Estetiikka?
A: At the moment uploaded photographs can be only in jpeg format. Avatars has wider support and they can be jpeg, png or gif at the moment.

Q: Why Estetiikka site doesn't look good in Internet Explorer?
A: Short answer: IE sucks! Long answer: I'm working on this, but the reason is that IE doesn't support CSS very well. I recommend you and your friends to use Firefox or other good browswers.