Free web-gallery

Estetiikka is a free web-gallery software that allows you to share photos easily with your friends and family. It's implemented with PHP version 5 and MySQL database, hence it is used via web-browser. Estetiikka is released under GPL-licence.

I created Estetiikka, because I needed centralized solution for photo sharing. The idea behind this software is to keep all the photos (including your friends' photos) in one place. This way everyone can easily access them any time and leave comments on them. There are some similar projects out there, but none of them was satisfying enough to me. Not because they would be bad software, but none of them had all the features I desired. This is my vision of what web-gallery for small communities should be like. It's free, it's open source and it's for everyone that agrees with me. So, take a look and see if Estetiikka is what your looking for!



Estetiikka is for small communities. For example for your family and friends. You can share your best photosgraphs and comment on other's photographs.

Language support

Estetiikka is available in multiple languages. If your language is not supported yet, you can easily make a translations. Please see, Translation page for further information.

Search tool

Estetiikka provides a search tool that allows you to find photographs quickly even from large galleries.

Please see features page for complete list...